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Hi Ev1. To help me manage credit requests I have customised the PO template in Reckon accts hosted to create and send credit requests to our suppliers. When I receive the credit from the supplier - how do I receive their credit against my request (customised PO). When I select receive inventory with bill option I am unable to confirm the credit as the Bill & Credit toggles at the top of the bill are greyed out. The only option is to record it as a bill - not a credit... Surely I dont have to delete the credit request and rekey the items manually via enter bills?


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    Hi Kirsten

    You won't be able to receive a Credit against a PO because they're opposing processes - A PO is to receive (increase) inventory quantity, whereas a (Bill) Credit returns (decreases) it.

    Common practice is just to email the supplier about credit requests then record the Bill Credit in RAH once received. If you really want to use a "form", I'd suggest creating a template for this outside of RAH (in Word/Excel) 😬

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    Thanks Shaz. Appreciate your help. That does make sense....

    Looks like once Ive received the credit from the supplier, Ill have delete it and re-key it as a bill/credit then (just painful when its multiple items). I use the open PO report alot - so having it in there rather than outside of reckon in an excel spreadsheet helps me to keep tabs on its progress.

    Unless anyone else has another way of dealing with it???

    Would be really good if reckon could add in a way to raise credit requests, then match a supplier credit against the request when we receive them. Gets messy managing them outside of the program.....