Projects to track the income and expenditure

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I installed the Projects Module to track the income and expenditure for a particular "project".

I have two questions:

1) Can I set up a (fictitious) "bank account" for a project so that I can receive income and make payments for that project and see the balance available?

Can I "invoice" this account so as to pay the project's company expenses from the project "bank account"?

2) I've been inputting the project information all financial year thus far and I am trying to create some reports. However, the only report I can do is P&L.

If you click on the transactions to view them, it takes you to ALL the transactions, not just the ones for the project you're looking at, and there is no way to sort the transactions by project. Well not that I can find anyway.

When we signed up for Projects I was given the impression that you'd be able to do all the normal reports by project. What's the point in having projects if you can't filter by project for all the different lists and reports?

Please advise.





  • Rav
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    Hi Mikaela

    I've had a chat with our Reckon One team about your questions and I'll summarise their advice below

    In regard to Q1, you can certainly create a bank account if you wish however it will be used when you create a payment transaction (or receipt). You won't be able to select a bank account for a specific project. Following on from this, you cannot invoice a bank account, rather you need to invoice a supplier/customer and if you have used a project in the transaction it will show up in the relevant report.

    For Q2, not all reports support projects at the moment however I'd highly recommend adding in a feature request for specific reports you're utilising in our Ideas Portal below. Our dev team looks at feature requests raised by our users to form their plans for future inclusions where possible

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  • inspiredformation
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    Thank you for your reply @Rav

    Not quite sure how I'm going to manage my project, but I'll have to work something out. I may, unfortunately, have to do it manually outside of Reckon.

    I will put a note in the Reckon Ideas but it is rather misleading to say "Project Reporting" in the "what's included", without saying that it is limited to certain ones, and not specifying what they are. Perhaps there should be a list under Reports that has all the reports that can be used with the Projects Module, so that they can be easily found.