Invoiceing for Reckon charges

I have been with Reckon since October 2022. I am charged on a monthly basis, but I never receive an invoice for those charges.

I need invoices to prove the expenditure is on behalf of the Superannuation Fund.

Who do I ask to get this done please?

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  • Rav
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    Hi @buccarasta

    Sorry, I'm not sure I'm quite following. How is your Reckon One subscription being paid at the moment? Are there no invoices appearing for you when you navigate to the Billing screen?

    Currently Reckon One only supports payment via a credit card or debit card that is added to your Reckon Portal account (on the same screen as the previous screenshot above).

  • buccarasta
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    Hi Rav,

    Sorry I misread your instructions, and actually opened the Super account, expecting to see the invoices there.

    I have found them now.

    Thanks so much for your patience



  • Acctd4
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    What product is it for ?

    You've posted under Reckon Accounts (Desktop) but this program is only available on annual licence. Is it Reckon Accounts Hosted that you're referring to ?

    I've just had a look in both the Hosted Control Panel as well as via the Reckon site Member area & I can't see any section for these so I'd recommend calling or emailing Reckon & they should be able to help (... unless @Rav knows ...?)

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  • buccarasta
    buccarasta Member Posts: 8

    I use Reckon One.

    Thanks 👌 😊

  • Rav
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    Morning @buccarasta

    If you're a Reckon One customer you'll find your invoices directly within your account itself.

    All you need to do is click on 'Billing' under the Account menu, then select the 'View Invoices' button for the book you wish to access. Example screenshot below.

  • buccarasta
    buccarasta Member Posts: 8

    Thanks Rav. Issue is that my credit card is not linked to Reckon One as I don't use the CC in the super fund. I'd really like to get the payments to come straight out of the super bank account, but not sure how to do this. Meanwhile, I have no invoices for the accountant. 😐️