STP Premium, problem marking pay run, as paid

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This is the first time I have tried to send a payrun to the ATO, after moving from STP to STP premium. (I did try to create an appropriate category in "Pay Schedules", within the Settings icon.)



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    Hi Greg

    Are you referring to the app ?

    This category is for Reckon Accounts Hosted accounting software so I’d recommend searching/posting in the app category instead ☺️

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    Dear Shaz,

    Thanks for considering my query. Your comment didn't resolve my problem.


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    Hi @gghoro

    I've moved your post over to the Payroll App category 🙂

    In regard to your query, I've got a couple of recommendations depending on how many employees you have included in this pay run;

    If there are multiple, try the following -

    • Look at the first employee in the pay run and take note of their pay details eg. earnings, super etc then remove that employee from the pay run
    • Mark the pay run as paid
    • Switch the pay run back to draft status
    • Add the employee from step 1 back into the pay run along with their earnings etc
    • Mark the pay run as paid again

    If there is only one employee in the pay run, try the following -

    • Switch the pay run to draft
    • Change the Pay Date
    • Remove the earning item from the employee in the pay run
    • Re-add the earning item back in
    • Change the Pay Date back to the correct date
    • Mark the pay run as paid

    I know there's a fair bit there and our team is currently investigating some of the causes of this but in the interim, I'd recommend giving the above workaround a go when you can.

    Let me know how you get on.

  • gghoro
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    Dear Rav,

    Thank you, your procedure has overcome my problem. The obvious question - what will happen with the next pay run? Will I have to repeat your procedure each time I send a pay run to ATO?



  • Rav
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    I don't believe it should occur again @gghoro but if it does please apply the above workaround just for now.

    I spoke with my dev team about this particular issue yesterday afternoon and they've confirmed that a fix has been created which is currently going through testing right now and hopefully comes through in the next update (pending results of testing).

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    Thanks very much. Greg