Need to change subscription option

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I am currently paying for my club's reckon one subscription on my personal card. I will be leaving the club in the next month or so not knowing who the new treasurer will be or if they will be agreeable to having their personal card to pay for the club's subscription.

Can we be invoiced annually or by another option other than personal card. The club, being an incorporated entity (and not-for-profit) is unable to have a debit card.

Thank you.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,190 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @wangclay

    At this stage Reckon One only supports payment via credit/debit card on a monthly subscription basis. We are looking at expanding the options around this however I can't say for sure when that will come about unfortunately.

    I'm not sure whether this may be an option for your club but perhaps you could look at purchasing a Visa/Mastercard gift card from Coles/Woolies/AusPost etc, load it up with a balance and use that as your selected payment method. Since they work just like a credit card you can set this as the designated payment method for the Reckon One subscription. The only thing would be that you'd need to keep an eye on the balance of the card and ensure its replaced once exhausted.

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