Year to date leave balances

denmor_automotive Member Posts: 3

My accrual for leave was wrong and is now corrected to the right hourly accrual. I have reset the year to date leave balances through the YTD set up. After the next pay period I expected my leave balances to be the reset plus the weekly accrual but the balances did not change.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,384 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @denmor_automotive

    Did you delete the leave item from that employee or just update the 'rate per period' field?

    Also, in regard to resetting the YTD balance, did you attempt to action this in the YTD Setup screen by entering a 0 in the quantity for the respective leave item and employee?

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  • denmor_automotive
    denmor_automotive Member Posts: 3

    Hi Rav

    I just changed the rate per period field to the correct hourly accrual.

    Re the leave balances I separately calculated what my leave balances were and then entered this through the Payroll settings - YTD set up screen for each employee as a positive balance. I was trying to put in the correct balance so I'm not sure why "0" would be entered.



  • denmor_automotive
    denmor_automotive Member Posts: 3

    Hello Rav. Is there anything else you can tell me please

  • bao dang
    bao dang Member Posts: 10

    Have you checked through the Report Center? It seems to be more accurate. However, I have been having alot of issues with leave accruals and balances. Check your hours via report center and check to see if its the same under your employee tab.