Leave figures are incorrect!

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I've done some digging around in the leave accrual report.

One of my employee was given 20 hours annual leave. However, when I ran the report between the leave period, the difference in balance was 18.47 hours. IS THERE ANY VALID REASON FOR THIS? I am paying him 20 hours annual leave but the software is only taking 18.47 hours out?

Can everyone please check this in their own software as this is a MAJOR PROBLEM. I have been paying employees out but I am getting short changed by the software.

As of 8/5, according to the reports employee X has -58.12 hours (which is different to what is in my employee tab but thats another discussion).

He took 20 hours annual leave 9/5.

We do another payrun 15/5 where he's still on annual leave so we process 20 hours AL. We check in the report and it states his balance is -76.59 hours!!

GUYS what is going on?

It looks to me like AL is accrualing annual leave?? because 20-18.47= 1.54.

1.54/20 = 0.077 which is the accrual rate?


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    I've checked with another employee and it looks like the same issue occurred.. guys can you check on your leave reports. Check their AL balance before the AL payrun and then check after and see if their balance match.

  • bao dang
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    nvm looks like its right!

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    @bao dang

    Let me just clarify/confirm following your latest reply above.. have you got to the bottom of this or do you believe there is still an issue here?