TLC Ticker not updating

The ASX ticker TLC is not updating with One Step Update. The rest of my tickers and exchange rates do, so this is a system problem on the Reckon side.

It was newly created about a year ago and has never worked.

Please check this and fix it. Thank you.


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,072 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @Hubrecht van Dalsen

    I've just had a look and the TLC ticker code is updating normally. See results below from Personal Plus 2022.

    I'd recommend that you take a look at how you've set the share up, in particular its settings. I've added a screenshot below of the configuration I have which was successful.

  • Hubrecht van Dalsen
    Hubrecht van Dalsen Member Posts: 30
    edited June 14

    Thank you Rav.

    If you search 'TLC' you will see others have had the same issue. It has something to do with creating a new security as part of a spin-off process. It is possibly a bug that is introduced with spin-offs.

    My settings were exactly like the ones above.

    I have now deleted all my transactions with TLC, and then the TLC security, recreated the security, and now I am recreating all the transactions. Someone else with TLC on this forum also had to do that.

    There is a bug here somewhere, but I am busy working around it.

    Thank you for prompt response.