Reporting twice in one pay period??

I need to include a significant bonus to an employee, all of which will be going into Salary Sacrifice. In the same reporting (fortnightly) period the employee will also be receiving his normal salary, however, I don't seem to be able to show this SS as a deduction as I get an error msg that I can't have two different super figures (salary sacrifice and the SG) . I would like advice on whether I can do two STP reports to the ATO within the same pay period , .i.e. do the normal report for the fortnight and then do another report just for the bonus payment. Is this ATO permissible?


  • Rav
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    Hi Vicki

    I might need a bit more info on how you're setting up your pay run and which items you're using.

    I've just tested it out using the Ordinary and Bonus earning items then salary sacrificed the value of the bonus all in the same payrun and it worked fine.

    One thing I'll say is, you need to ensure that your bonus earning item has the 'include in salary sacrifice' option ticked in it's setup. You can check this by going into Settings ➡️ Earning items ➡️ Bonus ➡️ Edit ➡️ check if the include in salary sacrifice option is ticked.

  • VickiB
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    Thanks Rav, I will check it out tomorrow and give it another try. I suspect the issue may be in my settings. Many thanks, Vicki