How to resolve "Script Error" for Accounts Home & Business 2022

Upon selecting the Help drop down menu and then Product and Customer Support I am greeted with "Script Error" which must be cleared before I am able to do anything else on my computer.

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  • Rav
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    Hi @pwgillin

    The page that the 'Product and Customer Support' menu option is pointing to is the one I'll link below which should load without issue when opened externally -

    I've reported the script error message to our product dev team.

  • GerryWinter
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    Does this happen only on that page?

    I just checked again and it happens on mine as well, Rav's link is the same as whats behind that error message.

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  • pwgillin
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    Hi Gerry,

    Because it takes many clears for the Script Error it is only on the "Product and Customer Support" link so far.

    Thank you

  • pwgillin
    pwgillin Member Posts: 3

    Thanks. I have saved Rav's link as a favourite but it is untidy for this to occur from within the program.