Why does the incorrect version of Hosted open after I've upgraded? ℹ

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Why does the incorrect version of Reckon Accounts Hosted open after upgrading?

When I click one of the buttons to launch a version of Hosted, the incorrect version opens.. For example, I click the button to launch the new version of Reckon Accounts Hosted that's been released but instead the older version opens, or vice versa. Why?

When switching between Hosted versions, ensure that you are exiting out of each session by going through File > Exit menu and waiting for the session to close completely before launching the other version.

If you close out of Reckon Accounts Hosted by just closing the browser window, you may experience the situation where the launch button will open the same version of Hosted that you were using previously even though you're selecting to launch the new version.

When this does occur, go through File > Exit to close Hosted and then click the button again and the correct version will open.

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