EOFY recons show an error in Balance Sheet/Profit Loss compared to Payroll Summary figures

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Hi. I am today trying to complete my EOFY reconciliations for Reckon One Payroll. I have noticed that my Payroll Summary reconciles with my Reconciliation Spreadsheets but when checking amounts off to P&L and Bal Sheet, the figures from a payrun (11/4/23) have doubled up to distort/inflate the figures although there only shows one payrun on the system for the day. It appears that the G/L accounts applicable are out by the amount of that payrun. The Payroll Summary shows the correct figures. How do I go about fixing this issue to finish EOFY tomorrow so that I am ready for next payrun on Monday 3/7? I don't work on Friday so it would need to be fixed by 2pm tomorrow.


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    Hi Jodie

    Its hard for me to say what's contributing here so I'd recommend that you give our Reckon One technical support team a call on 1300 756 663 so we can have a technician take a look at your book. They can also set up a remote login support session as well if required.

  • Jodie_10004988
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    Ok, I will do that. Thank you.