Correcting payroll categories before EOY lodgement

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I need some assistance in correcting payroll categories. I have paid a bonus and then added a deduction for 100% of the bonus as a Salary Sacrifice to Superannuation. I obviously didn't set it up correctly, as it's showing up in the Payroll reports as Post Tax Deductions rather than Pre Tax Deductions. Before I lodge the EOY STP, how can I correct the categories and correct the previously lodged STP?


  • Rav
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    Hi @Auditor

    Go to that specific pay run and edit it. Remove any incorrect/unnecessary pay items that have been added to the pay run and input the correct salary sacrifice item before re-finishing the pay run.

    There's info on how to edit a previous pay run in the guide below -

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  • Auditor
    Auditor Member Posts: 2

    Thanks Ray, but I get the following message 'This journal is linked to another transaction. You cannot delete a journal that is linked to a debtor/creditor transaction.'