Automatic Invoicing

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Hi there,

Here is what i would like to do and i want to see if Reckon is capable,

Each month we send out monthly invoices of the same amount to our clients. Currently these are memorized and each month i change the invoicing period (June to July) and then manually send out to each customer. Is there a way for reckon to automatically change the invoicing period to the next month of each invoice, and then send all of them out at once in batch? This would save some time each month and I would have thought that Reckon was capable of this.

My next question is whether it is possible to send automatic reminders to clients for overdue invoices. Once an invoice becomes overdue, can reckon automatically resent the invoice with a reminder that it is overdue?

Any help or clarification on the possibility of this would be much appreciated.



  • GerryWinter
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    That would be nice if it could be done.

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  • Rav
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    @cosmic is this something you might be able to assist @Howardsmith with via Cosmic Invoices?

  • Eric Murphy
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    Would be interested to know if there's an integration that could do this

  • cosmic
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    You mean 3rd party integration or by Reckon itself

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