DBManagerEXE.exe requires adminstrator privilage


Have upgraded to 2023

Reckons opens normally but when left unused for a little while comes back with a message

"This action requires Windows administrator permission"

Goes to a screen for the Utility Application

"Do want to allow the following program to make changes to your computer"

which has " <path> DBManagerExe.exe" in the detail

say yes but then wj\hen you go back to Reckon it aborts.

Frustrating !


  • PrideElectrical
    PrideElectrical Member Posts: 1


    Did you get any solution to this?

    I am having the same issue and have been told to reinstall the company file and save to a different location. But I am wary.

  • josie_10861324
    josie_10861324 Member Posts: 8

    Hi PrideElec

    here is what I did, and it seemed to have work.

    Mind you it was extremely frustrating and was making lots of changes at the time!!

    1.      Make sure that your QBDataServiceUserXX is in the user list

    ((XX) changes with each upgrade)

    2.      Check that your Reckon Data File location as access privileges.

    Finally, make sure

    DBManagerExe.exe has the correct Security privileges.

    See the file below for images.


    If you do make any changes – make sure you reboot the machine for the change in privileges to take effect – have been caught with this before.