End of Year payment summary glitch.

Lance Arthy
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I lodged my EOY payment summaries. Everything worked fine, all reported numbers being as they should.

One of my employees has since asked also for a paper copy of her summary. I've done that to find the Gross Payment figure showing on her copy does not match what was reported electronically. As a check I've now done copies for all my employees to find 3 of my 5 have the issue of the Gross Payment figure being incorrect. And it's only the Gross Payment figure that's incorrect.

I don't know what I've done, or not done, to cause this. Any ideas?

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  • Rav
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    Hi @Lance Arthy

    STP Phase 2 has introduced additional reporting requirements specifically around the Disaggregation of Gross.

    These new reporting requirements weren't part of the old Payment Summary (or EMPDUPE) lodgement process, therefore, if you view the Payment Summary for a financial year that contains one or more STP Phase 2 lodgements, you will find the amounts don't match.

    With the introduction of STP a few years ago and the recent expansion into Phase 2 as well, payment summaries have become outdated and replaced by Income Statements in an individual's MyGov account. Income statements can be printed directly from the respective MyGov account by the employee if a paper copy is required.

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  • Lance Arthy
    Lance Arthy Member Posts: 19
    edited July 2023

    Ah, yes, so it is. My embarrassment at not realising that is at least countered by knowing STP2 is configured and working as it should, so far at least. Ta muchly.