How can I get a new SSID?

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Dear Community, We have changed one of our companies by taking it out of a Trust from 1/07/23 and running through the trustee Pty Ltd. So we end up with exactly the same business but just a new ABN. We didn't want to lose 18 years of customer and inventory data by starting a new company from scratch and just importing what data would come across (part numbers, customer list, etc). So we finalised the whole of f23 and then changed the ABN in Company Information prior to setting out to run the first payroll for the new financial year.

However, I cannot see how we can get a new SSID to give to the ATO for the "new business"?

Surely there is a way to generate this without having to throw the baby out with bathwater?

Any knowledge or suggestions?

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    Thanks Rav - that really helped!