YE23 payroll finalise year showing twice in Reckon portal?

i'm just finalising the payroll for 22/23, i uploaded the STP file to the Reckon portal, and its showing it twice? both dated 30.06.23, one 'phase 1' that says 'no' to final event, then one for phase 2 that says 'yes' to final event. why if it's for last financial year is it showing as phase 2 at all? and, why is the phase one window showing 'no' to final event? Also, the one for 'phase one' doesn't even give me the option of submitting it? I've got people breathing down my neck because they need to get their tax done, do i use the phase 2 one? and what happens to the phase one file?




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    Hi Sue

    Did you create an EOFY submission in Reckon Accounts and upload to GovConnect prior to upgrading to the 2023 edition? Did you also create an EOFY submission in 2023 as well?

    The Phase 2 label in GovConnect will display for any submissions that have been created under STP Phase 2 requirements. The 2023 edition of Reckon Accounts only creates STP submissions (including EOFY finalisations) in the STP Phase 2 format.

    Are both of these submissions sitting in Draft status or have they both been submitted ie. sent to the ATO?

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    Hi Rav, no i hadn't created the year end file before we upgraded, we had a payroll due before i'd finished year end reconciliations, so i get it why it's showing as 'phase 2' that's ok. And, i've just gone back and checked my records, i completely forgot i had to amend our final payroll for June, which was coincidently, the 30th of June, which is why the 'phase one' is there, it's nothing to do with the year end submission. I'm so sorry i wasted your time, but thank you for coming back to me. Sue

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    No worries at all Sue, glad you got to the bottom of it 😊