EOFY not balancing

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  • LindaH_10861661
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    I have checked all payslips and pay summaries and paroll report for EOFY. These are correct and reconcile to each other. However, EOFY Report does not include payments for time and a half or double time. It also has dropped off allowances paid since upgrading to STP 2. Settings for the overtime items are the same of ordinary earning item. Where have I gone wrong?

  • Rav
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    Hi @LindaH

    In regard to the setup of time and half & double time items, I see you've mentioned they are the same as the ordinary item. Just to clarify, they are set to gross payments as their tax applicable setting.

    Screenshot example below -

    Similar question for allowances, are the allowances you're using that you've noticed aren't coming through set to tax free or do they have a valid tax setting to them?

    Also, you've mentioned you've upgraded to STP Phase 2, just to confirm, that means you've completed the STP Phase 2 Ready Checklist?

  • LindaH_10861661
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    Hi there

    I can confirm that Double time and time and a half are set to gross payments in their tax applicable settings as per your suggestion. I have completed the STP2 ready checklist. The Travel Allowance item has dropped off in settings, so I can do an adjustment for that, I guess. But still stumped about the overtime issue?