Receipt attachment whilst "allocating detailed payment" in bank transactions

CoreyH Member Posts: 2

In the Bank Transactions section whilst "allocating detailed payment", the screen shows the attachment area but an attachment can't be attached until the transaction is saved. When you save the transaction there is no option to attach, it just takes you out of the screen. I then have to manually go to the bank account and attach each receipt.

I don't want to enter a bill for every transaction.

Is there an option for the save button to appear as it does in the bills module? Eg. With the options on saving?



  • Rav
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    Hi @CoreyH

    At the moment this isn't possible on that screen however your workflow suggestion makes sense. I'd definitely recommend adding this as a feature suggestion on our Reckon Ideas Portal which I'll link below, our dev team look through popular user-requested suggestions and ideas for for future inclusion (where feasible) -

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  • CoreyH
    CoreyH Member Posts: 2

    Thanks, have already made the recommendation.