Automated Backups in Reckon Accounts Hosted

Alex_10836088 Member Posts: 28

I understand from previous posts and questions that Reckon Accounts Hosted does not provide an option to automate backups (ie that we as customers can use in case of data file corruption) however does have it's own server backs in case of disasters (ie that Reckon can use in case of hardware failures)

When reading posts and general Reckon recommendations, running regular backups is critically important and they also note that their own server backups are not intended for fixing corrupted data files - even though this is not an unusual occurrence (3 times for us in Desktop version over past few years) - The ability for automating backups existed in Desktop version but has been removed in this more expensive "Premier" version - presumably relating to running scheduled jobs on a hosted/shared server ?

Our backups take hours to run each and we have 6 company files so is not reasonably practical to have staff running them before going home at end of day. Manually copying to QBW files is quicker but there's then no visibility or asurity that staff are actually doing this - plus everyone needs to be logged out.

I don't imagine I'm the only person laying awake at night wondering how i restore our file if it corrupts that night ??

So my question is . . . Is there any way or workaround for automating backups in Reckon Accounts Hosted - possibly an integration provider, extension, add-in, backdoor server access etc ?? Given the importance, I'd be willing to come to a commercial arrangement if someone can develop something - somehow . . .