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I encountered the following problems:

1) I did add two new pay runs submitted as normal or ticked adjustments and "Success". But I go to check the business portal of ATO that don't see these 2 pays.

2) I made EOFY 2023 reporting to ATO for finalization, but it states "Processing/Pending".

Would you please advise on how to solve the issues?

Hope to hear from you soon and thank you.


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  • Rav
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    Hi @Lynn2122

    Are the successful submissions you've sent before and after these specific two appearing in the ATO Business Portal?

    Unfortunately we don't have any visibility or control over what happens on the ATO Business Portal end after the submissions have been sent and I'm genuinely not trying to shift blame here but if the submission is showing a 'Success' status then the response we've received back from the ATO is that its been processed successfully. I'd suggest giving the ATO a call and having a chat on why those two successful submissions are not appearing on their portal.

    In regard to point 2, if your EOFY finalisation hasn't been processed as yet and its been a fair while since you sent it then I'd suggest sending through another one. A successful EOFY finalisation will overwrite any and all previous balances that have been sent to the ATO prior.


  • Lynn2122
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    Dear Rav,

    Thank you for your reply and advice. 

    I have now seen the latest 2 pays on the business portal of ATO. 

    But the EOFY report hasn't been updated in the business portal since I re-submitted it "Success". I will check it again later. I may contact you if the issue still persists.

    Kind regards,