Reckon adding up the gross income total incorrectly on one staff member

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One of my staff ( i have 8 and this is the only full timer if that makes any difference) is adding up the total gross income incorrectly since 1st July, this quarter. All other values are correct, as in tax is correct, super is correct, allowances are correct. My records show the total gross should be $6284.98 and when you add up all her reckon payslip gross it also shows it should be $6284.98. But here in the attachment screenshot you can see it says $6214.08

Not sure why this is only happening to her Year to date summary? Any help appreciated Thanks Jax


  • Rav
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    Hi @Jaxs

    Are you using any custom earning items for this employee? ie. have you created your own earning item and are using it for this employee when entering her pay run details?

    If so, is that earning item configured as tax applicable?

    From what you've described, the difference is $70.90 which seems like an odd amount in terms of discrepancy. Does anything stick out in terms of this employee's payruns being different to your other employees aside from them being the only full time?

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    No just laundry which I've added to all staff and theirs is ok

    I did also amend the amount by adding $241.20 last week to make it all add up correctly thinking it was a 1 off so now technically its $241.20 + $70.90 = $312.10 out

    Odd that when I check reckons each pay for her it adds up correctly but it's a different number than when I check her Year to date number

    Please help

  • Rav
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    Thanks for getting back to me @Jaxs

    Just something to keep in mind is, the YTD Summary will show the balances of all paid pay runs + any initial YTD balance that has been entered for the employee in their profile.

    So the YTD Summary will not necessarily show balances from the pay runs only but it will also incorporate any balances that have been entered as initial YTD. There's a bit more info on this below -

    💡 Understanding the YTD Summary balances in the Reckon Payroll App 🔍

    Also, can I just confirm if you create a new EOFY finalisation, is the total balance that appears for this particular employee correct? ie. does it reflect what it should be in reality? The balances you see in the EOFY finalisation screen should be the same balances in the YTD Summary.

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    Hi Rav

    Thanks for your reply, I read the article but none of it applies to her that I can see

    I have just done all the weeks pays today and her pay has once again incorrectly added the gross income and is showing $433.65 LESS than what it should total to according to my records and yours ( in each pay run totalled adds up to .$7432.91 but your gross say 6999.26) which is now $433.65 out AARGGKH

    Are you able to see on your end her CHLOE MONRO individual weeks pays. This will show you what I mean

    All other sums are stil correct, as in tax, super, net pay, allowances

    As mentioned all other staff are still adding up correctly too

    Just Chloes Gross is wrong

    Please help thanks Jacki

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    Hello I still have this problem with Chloes totals. I will send you screen shots of each week if needed but essentially ALL other numbers add up just not the GROSS

    WHy is this?

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    Please let me know what I now need to do at my end to fix this problem

    As the weeks are getting away from us and I fear it will be so much more work to fix

    What do you need from me? Thanks Jax

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    @Rav please can you help I have posted a fair bit above if you could read and return to me thanks

  • Jaxs
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    @Rav and now this week another staffs gross pay is incorrect OMG please help

    Is there someone I can call to discuss? Thanks Jacki

  • Nickiu
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    Hi Jaxs,

    Sorry to hear that. Please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss and investigate it further.

    Best regards,