uploading QIF - unrecoverable error

hi all

Can I have help with this error please.

When uploading a bank QIF to be converted I get this error

no matter which company file I use, this pops up.

I have already verified and rebuilt all the company files in anticipation, but the error still persisted

many thanks


  • Rav
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    HI @caoimhe

    Have you been able to successfully import a QIF into Reckon Accounts previously or is this your first time trying to do so?

    Does the file have any special characters in the file name? If so, please remove them and try again.

    Does the QIF file contain more than 50 transactions within it? If so, it might be worth trying to create the QIF again with less than 50 transactions and see if that imports successfully.

    If you're still having trouble after all of the above then it might be worth having a chat with our technical support team by shooting through a ticket HERE.

  • caoimhe
    caoimhe Member Posts: 3

    Yeah its been working all ok for years to be honest

    It was named "Data_export_140820232 (4).qif" so I removed the (4) but still go the same error.

    and I believe that transaction quantity do not really vary much, I also believe that this was working 2 weeks ago when the last import took place. :(

  • caoimhe
    caoimhe Member Posts: 3

    ok.... update to this....

    I rang the Tech support

    Tech 1 - suggest that I export the file as an IIF file and said goodbye. when I went back to my client I inform them of what I was told, only to be shown the list of exports from the bank does not contain this option.

    Tech 2 - He removed to the server, rebuilt the data file and verified it, (I did explain that I already done this) then tried to import the .qif file, and this failed. Tech 2 then browsed to the folder where the .QBO file was created and manually imported this file, which successfully imported. Tech 2 then informed that my error was fix and my client need to complete the task this way from here on. Said goodbye and asked me for a survey rating.

    I don't think my client is very happy with this outcome... as the program is designed to import, converter and add to the company file all in one go......