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Ian McDougall
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Good Afternoon,

Our various businesses (4) that use Reckon One have now been sold and we will shortly have no further use for Reckon One, which we only used for Payroll anyway, General ledger was on another system.

My question is, "do we have access to any reports from Recon One once our subscription ceases"? We have run our final pays and downloaded information for the June 23 BAS but what if for some reason we need to go back through reports at a later date.

Advice would be appreciated.


Ian McDougall

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  • Rav
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    Hi @Ian McDougall

    Once the subscription to your Reckon One book is cancelled, your book will switch over to read-only status for (I believe) a period of 7 years unless you opt to delete the account outright at any point.

    Once the book is in read-only mode, you can still access, view and print any reports that you have access to.