How do I send a copy of accounts to my accountant Ot Take an Accountant's Copy ?

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My Accountant has had trouble taking an accountant's copy. Could someone explain how to do this? We Have Reckon Accounts Plus 2023.



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    I'm personally not a fan of using an Accountant's Copy - It's fiddly, has restrictions & can be very prone to issues.

    I'm wondering why the accountant wants this ? Why not just give him a Backup to work on in between your access ? (eg you finish on a Friday, give him a backup to work on over the weekend & restore it on Monday)

    I actually don't let Accountant's fiddle around in my Company Files as they rarely know the program well & like to create unnecessary GJs that post to (already-reconciled!) accounts πŸ™„πŸ˜€ Instead, I prefer to give them reports & have them let me know if they have any queries so I can clarify or make any relevant (correct) adjustments if required 😬

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    I totally agree with Shaz, I do not let accountants make changes, I ask them to give me the changes they want, that way the client can see what they’re doing wrong