Reckon Payroll upgrade - permissions & timesheets

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Since upgrading to STP Phase 2 the following problems are occurring.

A user who has had access to the book and now the separate payroll app is getting a message to say they do not have permission to view reckon payroll even though they have been given full permission.

Further to this we have entered and approved timesheet in the reckon one book but when we go to process the pay run, it doesn't recognise the timesheet data.


  • Rav
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    Hi @P_Williams

    In regard to your shared user, I'm assuming based on your screenshots that its Ashlee that is having trouble accessing Reckon Payroll, is that correct?

    When you are logged into your account as the owner/admin of the book go to Settings ➑ Roles ➑ Select the relevant role for the user ➑ Does the user appear under 'Users currently assigned'

    Screenshot example below and more info on this in the guide linked below -

    In regard to the timesheet, which pay items have been added in those timesheets that aren't importing to Reckon Payroll?

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