Search function in Reckon One

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Is there any way we can search for a given amount in any type of transaction?

I want to find all transactions for a certain amount regardless of what type of transaction it is.

From what I can see to search an amount, you have to specify a transaction type as well.

Would be great if we could have a similar feature to the advanced search in desktop & hosted where we can just search a given amount or an amount range, without having to specify a transaction type.


  • Rav
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    Hi @885566

    I think you're right, currently the transaction type needs to be specified in the search in order to return a result. This would make a good feature request though and I'd definitely encourage you in adding it to our Reckon Ideas portal HERE.

    There are some tips and tricks in the guide below on using search in Reckon One which you might be interested in checking out -