STP phase 1 payroll correction

RobinHood Member Posts: 19 ✭

I had a TFN error in 3 payruns and the Status of the Reckon GovConnect report was showing as Error. I corrected the TFN for the employee and then resent the report without ticking update or replacement. Now the Activity statement at the ATO has recorded those 3 payruns twice each.

How do I correct this?



  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,207 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @RobinHood

    Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year to Date basis only. Are your YTD balances for your employees correct in Reckon Payroll?

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  • RobinHood
    RobinHood Member Posts: 19 ✭

    Yes, as I only processed the payrun once for each date. I just sent each of the reports to GovConnect twice. The Accountant has printed out the Activity statement and the W1 and W2 figures are inflated by these 3 payrun figures.

  • RobinHood
    RobinHood Member Posts: 19 ✭

    Can anyone help me with this one please?

  • RobinHood
    RobinHood Member Posts: 19 ✭

    Hi Rav

    You haven’t come back to my question. Are you able to help me please?

  • Tanvi_kataria
    Tanvi_kataria Reckon Staff Posts: 100 Reckon Staff

    Morning Robin,

    Thanks for your patience.

    As there is no way for us or anyone to remove the submitted STP from ATO Portal and therefore, nothing can be done in this case.

    However, as Rav mentioned above "Single Touch Payroll is reported on a Year-to-Date basis only". So, you should not be worried about the doubled-up submissions for the pay runs.

    Just to make sure, while submitting the EOFY, the figures should be correct.

    Please feel free to let us know for any concerns/issues. Thank you!



  • RobinHood
    RobinHood Member Posts: 19 ✭

    Ok, so what do I tell the Accountant as he found the W1 & W2 figures inflated.

    Should I run a zero value update event?