We have just done our first pay run since moving from payroll premier to reckon one and I notice that the YTD totals have not updated in the employees file - they have on the pay slip but not when I go to edit employees - still showing old totals.


Thank you


  • Rav
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    Hi @lesley

    Were the earning items you used in your new pay runs in Reckon Payroll classed as Ordinary Time Earnings (OTE) as their type and/or gross payments for tax?

    Or do they have other specialised types such as Overtime for example?

  • lesley_9730541
    lesley_9730541 Member Posts: 49

    Hi Rav

    It all appears to be the same as you have highlighted in yellow above and all are active but I have normal hours listed which is what I used when doing the pay run - would this make a difference?. Still has active, OTC, salary and wages and gross payments next to it.


  • lesley_9730541
    lesley_9730541 Member Posts: 49

    Oops - OTE I mean not OTC