Error Message when selecting Mark As Paid in Payroll

Jan57 Member Posts: 10

I have created my first pay run under STP2. When I select Mark As Paid I get an error message saying "The Journal does not balance" then showing 2 amounts and the difference between the two. Where do these two amounts come from and how do I fix this as I have pay run this Friday. Thanks


  • Rav
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    Hi @Jan57

    I'm assuming the pay run is still in draft status since this message came up as you were trying to mark it as paid, is that correct?

    This is going to sound a tad strange but can I get you try the following 👇

    Go back into the payrun and modify something in it for an employee, for example change the quantity of hours against earnings.

    Once you've done that try to mark the pay run as paid again. If it works successfully then switch the pay run back to draft status and change the hours back to the correct amount then mark as paid again.

    Let me know how you get on

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  • Jan57
    Jan57 Member Posts: 10

    I changed one employee's hours and pressed Done. Went back into that employee and entered correct hours and pressed Done.This seems to have fixed it.