Why Tax withheld is showing NIL - payroll paid monthly

Hi Rav,

Can you please assist with this issue, why Tax withheld is showing Nil. Please refer to below screen shot.

Noting that the Tax withheld for the 'Full Time' employee are all showing correctly but not for 'Part-timer', example below.

Issue with another part-timer, showing incorrect tax withheld (too little tax) vs previous month payroll completed in payroll premier (using current tax table).

Thank you and kind regards



  • Rav
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    Hi @Elizabeth Kurniawan

    I'd recommend checking that earnings item you're using is set up to calculate tax.

    Go to Settings ➡️ Pay Items ➡️ Select your earning item ➡️ Check if it has been setup as tax applicable to gross payments or tax free

  • Elizabeth Kurniawan
    Elizabeth Kurniawan Member Posts: 9

    Hi Rav

    Thank you for your response.

    Checking the parameter as suggested and seems to be correct

    Any other hints ?

    FYI, tax withheld for other employees (Full Timer employee) are showing correctly.



  • Elizabeth Kurniawan
    Elizabeth Kurniawan Member Posts: 9

    Hello Rav,

    With the assistance of Anu from Reckon support, the issue has been resolved now.

    Parameters are correct, just need to refresh the employee from the pay run by clicking 'change'/untick the employee and tick back. And tax is showing.

    Thanks again for your prompt response.

    Kind regards