ReckonPayments Connection Fail

Barry_9844601 Member Posts: 3


I've tried to connect my books with ReckonPayments (Novatti Payments) but when I click on the Finish button, It immediately displays the following dialog window.

When I contacted Novati, they eventually, after sending some debug info from the webpage, said that I didn't meet their "Risk" criteria. Considering that this dialog window was displayed immediately on submission, I find it difficult to believe there was any "Risk Assessment" done in a millisecond.

Has anyone else experienced this? I'm waiting for a response for further information regarding my "Risk" score from Novatti


  • Rav
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    Hi @Barry_9844601

    I'm not quite sure what's happened here but I've reached out to our friends at Novatti in relation to this. They'll be in contact with you directly to have a chat around the risk assessment aspect and how/why it failed.