Pays Reports

How can the system not generate a report with Pay Details such as hours worked, as previously supplied in Payroll Premier. Also the fact that you cannot filter reports to suit, such as in departments, or alphabetical Surname order.

A Prepare Pays Report would be very helpful before processing a pay run.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Angella

    There are some reports available in Reckon Payroll directly however there's a broader range of reports available in the companion Reckon One book you have access to as part of your upgrade to Reckon Payroll. I'll link a bit of info on this below -

    Payroll Premier upgrade - How to access your companion Reckon One book from Reckon Payroll 🔁

    If you switch over to the companion book and select the Reports Centre on the left, it'll give you access to quite a few reports that can provide some additional insights.

    Please note though, the reports you generate in either Reckon Payroll or the companion Reckon One book, will only display data from the payruns created in Reckon Payroll itself. For any reporting on payruns created in Payroll Premier, generate those reports in the Payroll Premier software itself.

  • Angella
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    Hi Rav, yes thanks, i have found those reports, however, they are not as user friendly or easy to read like they were in Payroll Premier. The fact that a normal Pays Report does not show the hours worked/paid, is very unhelpful...and the fact that we cannot filter a report such as into surnames or department. If we were able to keep using Payroll Premier itself, we wouldn't have any issues, but this upgrade seems to be very backwards and we are not getting the functions that we are able to with Payroll Premier.

  • Kali
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    @Angella agree! I just came him to find an answer to this exact question.

    How do we review employee's hours if there's no pay report that details this information nor can we send a summary of the hours to Store Managers to check. This is a real concern.

    Or even a report that includes the YTD figures entered? These are basic reports that Reckon Payroll are missing.