Access the STP2 checklist


Is there a link or is the STP2 checklist hidden somewhere in our Reckon one dashboard for users to access?


  • Lucas
    Lucas Reckon Staff Posts: 105 Reckon Staff
    edited September 2023

    Hi @Riverdell,

    Are you currently on the new Reckon Payroll?

    If you are, please navigate to the following:

    1. Compliance
    2. Phase 2 - Ready checklist
    3. Go through each section for your company.

    If you are still in Reckon one and can't see the banner on the top of your screen, could you please provide your book name and email in a private message, and I will investigate this for you.



  • Nickiu
    Nickiu Reckon Staff Posts: 28 Reckon Staff

    Hi Riverdell,

    STP2 checklist is on Reckon Payroll. You can access Reckon Payroll via Reckon One Dashboard.

    Once you are in Reckon Payroll. Click on Compliance and STP Phrase 2 Ready Checklist.

    Hope this help.

  • Riverdell
    Riverdell Member Posts: 6

    All good, found link to checklist within Dashboard.