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I have an employeed who changed employment status from full time to part time. I changed the employment status in payroll (before the upgrade for STP2) by terminating and the changing to part time. Now in Payroll they are appearing as "terminated" but also Active -I cannot enter a change to the Termination date or a termination reason from the drop down list. It is not letting me create a new pay run for this employee...


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 16,025 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @MelissaDucksCuts

    Can I get a bit more info around this. Is there a particular reason you terminated the employee rather than just changing their employment type?

    After you did so, were you able to add this employee to pay runs prior to making the upgrade to Reckon Payroll?

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  • MelissaDucksCuts
    MelissaDucksCuts Member Posts: 3

    Hi @Rav,

    I only "terminated" in Payroll because that seemed to be the only way to change the employment status. -

    so - changed from casual to permanent in April 2023 ("terminated' and the "commenced" on the same day), this worked fine. I was able to do pay runs.

    Then in July - changed from permanent to part-time - I did the same thing in the employment tab (terminated and then commenced)- this was all in the payroll before upgrading.

    I upgraded payroll for STP2 today and it has his termination date at the April one. Although, when I first log-in it first has "part-time since 9 July" under the employment status but then changes a second later to "terminated" and as I wrote earlier - I cannot change the termination date, which it lists as April, or a reason for termination in the employment tab.

    When updating details for the change to STP2 - I also identified that the employee is a closely held employee - if that affects it?


  • MelissaDucksCuts
    MelissaDucksCuts Member Posts: 3

    Hello @Rav,

    Do you know if there has been a fix to this issue or way around it? I have noticed that others have had the same problem