Leave balances not updating after a pay run is completed

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  • Angella
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    Hi @Rav

    I have just processed my 2nd pay run for one company. Last week I had to manually enter the correct leave balances before sending off payslips.

    I had entered everything correctly so that the accruals are correct...however, after processing a pay run today, the accruals have not changed at all.

    As above, this has become a very timely just to do a simple pay run that use to only take 5 minutes. I am finding myself spending more than a couple hours, just to make sure things are right, as I find myself also entering into the old Payroll Premier to see if the new way is mirror imaging what Payroll Premier does.

    It also makes us look bad as we cannot produce a pay run correctly.

  • Angella
    Angella Member Posts: 34 ✭✭

    I have manually gone in and entered the accruals which I have calculated. When going to the Leave Report, some of the figures on each of the employees leave accrual do not show the same leave accrual figure in the Leave Accrued Report...this is very concerning.

  • Angella
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    The first screen shot is the Leave Accrued Report for a certain employee...the second screen shot is the leave that shows on their payslip.

    What is the fix for this?

  • Rav
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    Hi @Angella

    Let me clarify this just so I understand what's happening.

    Do your employees have a valid annual entitlement and accrual rate in their profile for the respective leave items?

    If I'm understanding correctly, they do and upon processing your latest pay run, the current leave balance for the annual/personal leave items haven't increased, is that correct?

    Have you had a chat with our support team in relation to this yet?

  • Angella
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    The balance is sitting in their profile, they did not change once the pay was processed.

    I have then had to manually calculate the leave and then enter it into their file to update and before sending off payslips, however, I have found that it can take up to almost 10 minutes to update on the cloud based system for the leave accrual report. However, the payslip then do not reflect the updated figures, so essentially, there is a few problems here.

    I have had to just process the pay run as this new system is taking up so much time. I will have to give them a call tomorrow when I have time to sit on the phone with them