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We are processing our first pay run today, payable tomorrow. We are trying to ascertain whether we need to do an ABA export file (as per Payroll Premier). We have finished processing these pays. We want to check the details BEFORE it gets taken out of our bank account and put into the employees' bank accounts. Where do I find this specific report?

We have been on the chat session for over an hour waiting for replies to our questions.

Also, there are a few issues we need to resolve in relation to the leave accruals. We ran a pay run in Payroll Premier to compare details and found the leave accruals did not reconcile with Reckon Payroll.

Superannuation was only being calculated on ordinary hours and not holiday pay, sick pay and rostered days.

Because of the lack of time we have had to learn this new system, we need assistance urgently as we do not want to go through each item in the next pay run and have to change it to what it should be.

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    Hi @Lambert Kitchens

    If you find super is not calculating on certain pay items eg when used in a pay run then you'll need to ensure those items have been ticked to calculate super in their setup.

    Go to Settings ➡️ Pay Items ➡️ Select your Super Guarantee item ➡️ Configure Pay Preferences

    Then select which pay items you wish super to calculate on by ticking them. Example below -

    In terms of checking the specifics of a pay run, perhaps take a look at the Payroll Detail report which allows you to specify pay runs and/or employees to provide a breakdown of the pay items in the pay run.


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