Reckon Payroll - Web, Why can I not get IN?????

I have used Reckon products for years and years.

This is the first time it is driving me nuts - the package, that is.

I try to log in to the Reckon Payroll Web program, put in the code that is sent to my phone, then I get an error message saying incorrect code, try again.

So I request a new code - I get either:

Something went wrong sending your code, please verify that your phone number is correct.


(on a very rare occasion):

We have sent you a new code - which over the last three DAYS has only worked once.

I need this bloody package to work properly, so I can get in when and if I need to get into it.

Why is it being such a PITA?

Please, I got super to do, as well as payroll, and this is just not working.


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  • Rav
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    Hi Sandy

    MFA codes are only valid for a short time once requested, if I'm not mistaken I think its only a couple of minutes.

    Do you usually receive your SMS with the code pretty quickly ie. right after you request it or does it take a while to get to you? I'm assuming you do but will ask anyway, do you have good coverage with your network provider for your SMS to come through?

    Have you revoked this existing MFA from your Reckon Payroll account and set it up again to see if that makes any difference in terms of what you're experiencing?