Error in STP2 being reported to ATO

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Hello - received this error from ATO when submitting STP2 - fortnightly pay schedule. Salaries (which are on a monthly pay schedule have gone through successfully). How do I fix this?

Submission has been rejected by the ATO

Please review the ATO's response below and make the necessary adjustment:

First two characters of the Tax Treatment Code must be one of the following: RT, RD, RN, AT, AN, AD, AP, SS, SM, SI, HR, HU, CT, CF, HF, WP, FF, NF, NA, DB, DV, DZ, VC, or VO

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  • Mkr
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    Hey Rav - Yes sort of, we'd set up an employee as no TFN provided whilst he was applying for one - and hadn't updated it when it was finally issued. After that was updated, all went through fine !


  • Mkr
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    Please ignore my question, I worked it out - all fixed.

  • Rav
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    Hey @Mkr

    Awesome to hear you've got it sorted. Just out of curiousity, what was the solution to this? Was it related to the employee's tax code selection?