STP not automatically filing in GovConnect

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Hi Rav,

This morning when finalising pay runs a message is popping up stating "you or your advisor will need to log into Reckon GovConnect to submit your STP file to the ATO".

This was happening automatically last week?

In any case, I am logged in and when I check the compliance tab the STP lodgment isn't showing for this run?



  • Rav
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    Hi Kali

    Check out the info about this in the announcement linked below -

    Reckon Payroll UPDATE 🆕 - Registered agents submitting on behalf of client ✨

    Next year, (Q1 at this stage) the product team will be looking at (re-)introducing a full integrated submission process for advisors within Reckon Payroll.

  • Kali
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    Hi Rav,

    Thanks for this; however, the file is not appearing in Gov Connect as a draft?

    Secondly, why are these important updates not being emailed to customers?