Personal Plus 2022 freezing

This is my first post to the community, so I hope I can explain my problem clearly enough, and would welcome any advice.

My Personal Plus 2022 (run on a Windows PC desktop) is behaving strangely:

  • Opens as usual, I can view and input to one bank account (the default one that opens when program is launched), and get reports on all account transactions; but clicking on any other account in my list results in freezing (an endless wait) and I have to close the program down.
  • I attempted to validate the data file; this ran smoothly a couple of times, but didn't resolve the problem, and trying now results in freezing. Even attempting a backup now results in freezing.
  • Prior to the above issues, I'd noticed that when left open on my desktop for a while, Personal Plus disappeared from my screen/taskbar, but apparently was still running; it had to be closed down via Windows Task Manager, then relaunched.

I realise that uninstalling and reinstalling the program and restoring a backup file is a logical next step in troubleshooting, but unfortunately my last backup is not that recent and I'm hoping to avoid data loss if there is another way to resolve this and others have encountered the same issues.

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    Also where are you storing your data file, give me a call and i will have a look to see what can be done.

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