Notes section

As we have moved from payroll premier to reckon payroll due to STP2

As there is no note section currently in the payroll program I was directed to he note section in reckon one employees. Sadly this is not large enough to copy all the notes from payroll premier so my records are up to date.

Any suggestions how to address this and will the payroll program itself have a notes section.

This is used for notes regarding pay rises, salary sacrifice, super fund changes etc

Thoughts please

Thank you


  • Rav
    Rav Administrator, Reckon Staff Posts: 15,105 Community Manager Community Manager

    Hi @lesley_9730541

    Reckon Payroll doesn't contain a notes section at this stage however its something the product team are evaluating for future inclusion.

    I can see there's a feature request in our Ideas Portal for this which sounds like it might be yours, and I'd encourage fellow users to vote on it as well if its something that you previously used often and would like to see in Reckon Payroll as well.