STP2 - is it possible to name individual pay runs?

Catherine Sinnott
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The transfer of our prior pay runs from the STP1 system to the STP2 system has removed the names of the pay runs.

We pay bonuses to employees relating to specific clients and need to be able to see which clients' bonuses have been paid at a glance, which we now cannot do (as per the 5 bonuses that I have just loaded today, pictured below).

The STP2 system also does not allow us to name Unscheduled pay runs so that we can see this detail for future runs. It also does not differentiate visually between Scheduled and Unscheduled pay runs once they are loaded. So if I were to load a bonus for all employees it would look identical to a regular pay run.

Please can someone tell me that this feature is possible with the STP2 system and I am just missing it?

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  • Rav
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    Hi Cath

    We don't have an option to give unscheduled pay runs a specific name in Reckon Payroll just yet. It would make a good feature request though so I'd definitely recommend adding it to our Ideas Portal HERE.

    Another option you could look at is utilising the Pay Schedules feature. While its traditionally used for regular/recurring pay runs, it could potentially be an option in creating something like a 'Bonus' pay schedule and grouping certain employees within that schedule.

    The caveat is that employees added to a pay schedule must all have the same pay frequency and only be included in one pay schedule.

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  • Catherine Sinnott
    Catherine Sinnott Member Posts: 36 ✭

    Hi @Rav , thank you for (yet another) reply!

    I did try that but the bonus runs are not regular or predictable so that unfortunately won't work.

    I will add it as an idea when I am back in the office, but to be fair Myob does not offer that feature either, so it was a real bonus that Reckon's STP1 system did!

    Thank you again

    Cheers Cath