Total allowances in Year-to-date summary is not correct

We migrated from Payroll Premier to Reckon Payroll in Sept. We have check the initial YTD balance are correct. After Sept and Oct payrun, I find that YTD total allowance for employees do not include the allowance that processed in Sept and Oct.

Below is the initial year to date balance for one of the employee:

Below is the YTD summary after Sept and Oct payrun

Below is transport allownace setting:

Does anyone know how to fix this issue?

Many thanks





  • Rav
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    Hi @Patrick_8319167

    From what you've mentioned, I believe this is related to the current known issue where the YTD Summary screen doesn't visually display pay items that are disaggregated under STP Phase 2 at the moment. The balances are being captured correctly, however they're just not appearing on that particular screen right now.

    There's more info on this here -

    📌 YTD Summary doesn't show the balance of some items

    Our product team are looking at making improvements to the YTD Summary screen so that it shows the full picture in terms of the disaggregated items.