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Hi I'm very new to Reckon One having updated to using this program after many many years of using something very basic.

My accountant recommended this program as I run multiple businesses and only wanted one system for them all. I'm also Treasurer for our local country hall so input the expenses into Reckon for this too.

How do I select which accounts I want included for preparing each BAS report? I currently prepare 3 BAS statements.


  • Rav
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    Hi Sarah

    I'll link a few quick little help videos below about getting your BAS prepared in Reckon One. Hopefully this helps but let me know if you have any questions 🙂

    Preparing your BAS

    Processing transactions to your BAS

    Claiming a GST refund on your BAS

  • Sarah
    Sarah Member Posts: 2

    Thanks for these videos Rav. I had already watched them but they don't answer my question.

    As I prepare 3 BAS statements for different businesses that i am a partner in, I need to be able to select the relevant bank accounts for each of them. From this I will prepare the relevant BAS.

    for example bank account A, C & D are with one business.

    Bank account B, F G another etc.

    I need to be able to isolate the transctions from each of these for each BAS.

    Can this be done? As I don't want to have to have a different Reckon account for each one, as well as the community hall that I also prepare statements for.