Annual leave summary and leave liability report

Jenny Byrne
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Because I have the bug in my system that has been around since 2016 and it has affected one employee on my reckon hosted since updating the new financial year.

In this instance which report should I take as being accurate. I know the accrual summary shows on the payslips but i cannot change that.

I rebuilt system 3 times and did not work.

I am assuming that leave liability report is accurate.

I am going to do a spreadsheet for that one employee but how do I tell him that the leave showing for both annual and personal on his payslip is wrong

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  • Kris_Williams
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    If you do the spreadsheet then adjust the leave in Reckon you will be able to support the new figure


  • Rav
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    Hi all

    Forgive my ignorance here but can you give me a bit more info on the details of this issue? If its a known bug then I'd like to just double check where its at with the product dev team.

  • RockMC
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    I have a payrun of 9 employees who accrue personal and annual leave. Since migrating to Phase 2, one is accruing leave at 10 times the amount they should for no apparent reason and another is accruing leave but the leave is not being adjusted for time taken. The feature of seeing leave movements is no longer there and I now have no faith in the accuracy of leave reporting. In the meantime I am keeping a spreadsheet but this should not be necessary.

    I have logged a case but to day Reckon has been unable to explain or help.