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I'd like to know why my question regarding the impending price increase to the community is not published. Isn't this the Reckon Community where we can discuss issues pertaining to Reckon product? If my posting is censored, I'd like to know why. Appreciate if you respond to this so I can understand Reckon's position. By censoring my question, you are not giving your customer a chance to provide feedback.


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    Morning @kenl90

    I've had a look at this and will add some context below.

    I have an automated spam filter running on the Community which acts as the first line of defence against spam bots or other suspicious activity on the site. You'd be surprised at the blatancy of attempts by some to post spam and/or scam links here. The spam filter has done a very good job in blocking dubious registrations and/or posts from being published and served to our members and viewers of the site.

    With that said, while it doesn't happen often, its not always going to get everything right 100% of the time and there have been occasions where a legitimate post gets stopped for review.

    That's what has happened on this occasion as you'll see below. Also, coupled with the fact that I wasn't in the office for the full week either last week so just haven't had the chance to get to it along with a few other tasks.

    More broadly, as you've said, the Reckon Community is a space for our customers, users, partners and staff to discuss all things Reckon software, including price, if that happens to be the case. In regard to your points around censorship, I don't censor the Reckon Community in any way other than when content is reported by members, or if something contravenes the Reckon Community Code of Conduct and terms of service which is presented to all members upon joining the Community which everyone agrees to and abides by in their use of this site.

    We don't shy away from aspects that may be less favourable to discuss and as I'm sure you've seen yourself, I'm very active on the Community alongside some of my colleagues from support who have recently started to frequent the site and jump in on posts.

    I'm going to move this specific post over to the About Reckon Community category as its more about operation of the Community itself and at the same time have your original post removed from the spam queue to publish.

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    Thanks Rav for the explanation.

    Was also hoping that Reckon may want to review the price change for small companies like mine with high casual staff turnover.