Leave Dates Entered - Tax Wrong

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Have had issues with some payroll where dates are entered for when leave is taken.

Thought the functionality of entering leave dates was great...but then turns out that Tax is then calculated wrong.

The only way to correct this is, do not put in dates, or if you do, you will have to manually adjust to the correct tax.

Very frustrating to have clients call up and say that their tax is wrong.


  • Rav
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    Hi @Angella

    Can I just clarify, are you entering in dates on the earning item OR the leave item?

    If you enter in dates on the leave item in the pay run (not the earning item), then those dates are only used in reporting, for example the Payroll Detail Report so that you have a record of when an employee has taken leave. It doesn't have any affect on tax calculation.

    More info on adding leave dates in a pay run HERE.

    Adding dates against the earning item in the pay run on the other hand is largely used for using the daily and casual worker tax table. See example with messaging below πŸ‘‡

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  • Tanvi_kataria
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    Morning @Angella

    Regarding your concern, I have tested the same and checked the amount of tax calculated for the earnings and it's not changing and showing any incorrect amount as in the screenshots below -

    Without entering the dates, the tax is $362.

    After entering the dates, tax is $362.

    It can possibly be some book settings, please explain in more details, if this is not something you are looking for and has any other issues which I missed to understand.

    Also, if you like, feel free to share the details of your Book with technical support and we are happy to have a look for you. You can message me directly and will be happy to help you get this resolved. Thank you!