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I have been using QBooks for around 30 years and I am a very happy customer.

I'm stepping down as the Treasurer's role which I have been operating QBooks to record the accounting information.

The new treasurer operates MYOB. How do I transfer the QBooks information to MYOB?


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    @sgordon Agree with @kris … The process for this will be determined by MYOB’s systems 😬

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    Hi @sgordon

    When you say "QBooks" do you mean:

    a) "QuickBooks Online" product from Intuit Inc?

    b) An older version of the QuickBooks desktop product purchased in Australia (sold by Reckon)

    c) A current version of the Reckon Accounts Business range desktop product (previously known as QuickBooks in Australia, sold by Reckon)

    If your new treasurer uses MYOB products, there are third-party migration providers who can perform data migration tasks for you. I'd recommend that you consult with MYOB for their preferred providers.

    You can also generate reports from your current software, which your new treasurer can use as the basis for creating a brand new data file in MYOB by bringing across only the current period's opening balances and recreating any open/unpaid transactions.

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    Many thanks for your comments.

    I'm using the the current version of Reckon Accounts Hosted and today decided to purchase a new Reckon Accounts Hosted license for the new treasurer for $915. I can now transfer the files easily to her new license....hopefully....



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    Method 1:

    Login to your Reckon Accounts Hosted account, and from there, download the current QBW (Company Data File) to your local computer.

    You can then send the QBW file to your new treasurer using any file transfer method you prefer.

    Then she can login to her own Hosted account and upload the QBW file to her own Hosted Q:\Upload drive folder.

    This will mean that from that point on, these QBW files are totally separate instances and not linked in any way.

    Method 2:

    Share the existing file that is on your Hosted account with your new treasure's own Hosted account login User-ID.

    Then have your new treasurer copy the file that has been shared with them, from the shared folder location that they can now access. Copy the file from the shared folder to the treasures own Hosted Q:\ root folder.

    Once they have done that, you can un-share the file from your Hosted account so that they no longer have shared access to the data file that is on your account.

    The new treasure can then open a copy of the file that is in their Hosted Q:\ root folder and, from then on, work on that file.

    If you require assistance with either process, contact the Hosted Technical Support Team.

    You can submit a support ticket or give them a call.

    1300 756 663

    Mon – Fri: 8:30am – 7pm

    Sat – Sun: 9am – 4pm

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    Many thanks for your advice….much appreciated.